Monday, 9 January 2012

Resting and Running

After an amazing thursday I had a rest day. I am rubbish at rest days. I rested really well but just beat myself up about being lazy, especially for not doing anything around the house. I suspect though that I should get better at resting and that I probably do myself no favours not having a rest day.

Saturday and sunday I was working so there was some commuting miles, 30miles on sunday morning (I got a lift home) and some Ride Leadering miles.

One of the things I really want to be is more consistent with running. I have no ambitions to run far or fast but it gets me fit and is certainly useful for races with any pushing, I could feel my calves pushing/carrying up the hills on thursday. Last week I got out on monday night for a trail run with Ali, it was lovely but I had to remind myself of that tonight. Ali was happy to come out again so it was another lovely trail run round the golf course. We even went a little quicker. So that is two weeks and two runs, feeeling happpy with that, now to keep it up.

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