Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Muddy, Misty Moors

I met Colin again this morning for an off-road ride into work but this time I went on Rigger. It did make the road section through Manchester harder but the off-road sections easier. The trails were very muddy and I was very wet when I got to work.

Onto the evening and I left work and headed back towards Bolton via the Prestwich trails but instead of heading home I climbed up Winter Hill. It was very foggy out and I couldn't really make out the side of the road on the short road sections. At the top and there was no sign of the mast. I made a poor job of descending, a combination of the lack of visability and my lack of skills meant I really minced down the Belmont descent. I even ended up walking one drop as I couldn't see how big it was, I was probably just being a big wimp!

Back home and through the magic of endomondo Ali had a bucket of water ready for me so I could give Rigger a qucik wash.

It has shown me I need more time on my mountain bike.


  1. yup, here's to more mountain bike time!

  2. Yes must do it and not just talk about it!