Friday, 30 December 2011

Soggy Geocaching

I didn't wake up till late today and had no motivation to go out on my bike in the rain. I also had no motivation to do any of the things on my huge to do list. Eventually I knew I had to get outside so Ali and I went geocaching. There are a number of new geocaches since we last went geocaching in our local area, also our first geocaching experience.

The first one we attempted to find didn't happen, not sure if we were looking round the right tree or not. It wasn't ideal conditions with the constant rain. Never mind we headed on to the next one which Ali found quickly. Next one was a muddy sliddy walk across the golf course. The next one should have been close but we couldn't even see a stump, which was the hint, suspect all the leaves were hiding any that were there. One last one and then we headed home via the shops to get a few bits to add to Ali's sisters Christmas presents.

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