Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The ultimate bike?

Not been 100% since I got back from my ride on Sunday. Yesterday I wouldn't have ridden to work only I was delivering level 3 training so needed the bike. In the session we rode 18miles so it certainly wasn't a rest. Today I would be riding again as I was doing a reece ride/risk assessment.
I was awake early coughing so instead of just lying there I got up and put a rack on my cross bike. This meant I could ride gears and use panniers. I can't believe I used to think I wouldn't like them I love riding with nothing on my back. I also added a water bottle cage and lights to the cross bike which means its all ready for riding down to my sisters for Christmas.
Jen and I met at Irlam station which meant a nice ride across the moss for me. I was glad of my cross tyres on the off-road section and was moving a lot faster than the car behind me. The route was pretty straight forward and we collected four geocaches on the way to the cafe. I keep expecting to do a route with no new caches along as I'm reusing trails but once again there were some right on the trail. The cafe ar Croxeth Park was really friendly, although I wasn't popular with jen after having the last jacket spud.
As the route is an out and back, its for January so we wanted something easy for bad weather, all that was left to return to the station. Getting off at Irlam I was even across the moss before it got dark. I stopped at the supermarket on the way home for food. Coming out I realised I had no bungy to strap things on the rack. Somehow I managed to get everything in the bags, not easy when you have two bottles of pop, orange juice, milk as well as other bits.
Getting home, helmet off and rear light attached to helmet was flashing away. I realised I had walked round the supermarket like that.


  1. Cross bikes make excellent tourers and if you only had to have one bike then it probably fits the bill. You can always change tyres and gearing to suit your trip.

  2. Yes I can't believe I was thinking of selling my cross bike, its such a useful bike! Hoping to try some touring at some point.

  3. can't beleive you were going to sell it, what about all those 'cross races?!! shame on you ;)

    despite never having ridden one, i am convince it could be near to the perfect 'only one bike'. would be great for commuting and the type of off road that i do (not that i've been off road since march) hmmm.

  4. I know Kate but I had started to hate cross racing, somehow rediscovered the fun. Probably not being part of a club helps.

    I've always said if I could only have one bike (the stuff of nightmares) it would be a cross bike.