Monday, 15 August 2011

SITS Stats

This year the results are up on the singletrack website. Someone has done some playing and all the important stats are there.

Rider Number102
Rider nametrio25
Team NameCookson Cycles
CategorySolo Women
Total laps20
Total time (h:mm:ss)24:04:17
Average lap time (h:mm:ss)1:12:12
Fastest lap time (h:mm:ss)0:53:59
Slowest lap time (h:mm:ss)1:29:34
Distance (km)250.53
Distance (miles)155.67
Average speed (kmh)10.41
Average speed (mph)6.47
Speed rank748 / 982
Distance rank16 / 982
Total rank324 / 982

I'm pretty happy with them, 16th overall in the solo and amazingly not at the back for my speed rank. Not sure how total rank is calculated but top third for that as well.

So next time.....and yes I am thinking about another one I am crazy! I want to not slow down as much, my plodding was pretty slow by the end!


  1. Excellent stats, I really dont know how you manage to keep going for all those hours. Fantastic.

  2. She was powered by doughnuts!!

  3. As opposed to proper food...

  4. Are doughnuts not proper food?

    The bacon rolls must have counted???