Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I can't remember how recovery went last year, but this year I was determined to make it as easy as possible and blog so if I'm silly enough to do another 24 I have some idea.

Sunday (after the race)
Ali gave me a recovery shake once I finished and back at Helen's we had Pizza and Bubbles. I realised I had forgotten my recovery tights. Went to bed and fell asleep early.

Up early and on the road at 6am, Ali had to work, stopped at a service station and I was stiff and walking funny. Hands and feet hurt. I slept a lot of the way back though. After dropping Ali at work I had a lazy morning but didn't sleep. Afternoon I returned the gazebo to cooksons and the went for a massage with Ali@MillsPhysio. Think that reallly helped my legs.

Train to work, walking okay and steps hard. Riots in Manchester so I borrowed a brompton and rode to victoria to get the train, legs felt fine pedalling.

Train into victoria and rode to the office. Home rode to piccadilly and then from Bolton. Hands and feet hardly sore now.

Thinking of riding into work tomorrow....
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