Friday, 5 August 2011


I had lots of good intentions to do a few long rides in preparation and then have a really easy week this week. Obviously none of that has happened. There have been a couple of 8hour rides but they have had work in the middle or at a reasonably easy pace. Still taking it easy this week should have been fine as I am officially on holiday? Well no I have worked everyday and even getting the train where possible a couple of days work has involved riding. In fact I have clocked up 10hours of riding this week. Still having today off. The other plan was to lose the extra half stone I put back on, but once again I ate too much cake and chocolate and if anything added to it.

Still its all about having fun and I know I can finish as I did last year, Ali is there as my Pit Bunny and my sister is also coming over and she was fab last year so at least I know I will be well looked after!

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