Friday, 12 August 2011

Checking out routes

Work sent me out to show someone a route they would be leading in a few weeks so it was another day over in Merseyside. On the train to Wigan I noticed I had a puncture, so on the liverpool train fixed it. After putting wheel back on the bike the inner tube exploded, making me and most of the train jump. Fixed it again, but no CO2 this time. Once I got to liverpool I borrowed jen's pump as it was much more effective than my tiny one.

We headed over to the Wirral on the ferry and had a great ride. I was more confident with the route than expected and we avoided the one heavy rain shower when we were in the cafe.

Back over to Liverpool and we headed up the coast to Hightown, I had bribed jen with the promise of a pint when we got to the end. Onto the canal and I punctured, fixed it and ten minutes later it went down again, this time we found a shard of glass (i was also very pleased jen had patches as I had forgotten mine and got through my inner tubes. Riding again and something was catching, stopping I realised that the tyre wasn't seated and the tube coming out. Quickly down and pumped it up again, fingers were now crossed.

An icecream on the way and we were soon at the pub, here we ate for £1.01, bargain. Then it was train back, changing at liverpool moorfields we spent longer than it would have taken to ride the short distance changing to what is basically an underground and going one stop to liverpool lime street. Just as we walked in I saw a train to wigan was about to leave, running I just made it.

Long day but lots of fun, hard to believe it was work!
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  1. I guess you had your fair share of punctures worth six months of riding... Nice job by the way! Not exactly nine to five... LOL