Thursday, 14 May 2009

Singletrackworld has a write-up of the brownbacks race here - I get a couple of mentions!

Today I was off out this afternoon to reece an area for a skills session with some primary school children. I decided to bring the cross bike which was ideal for the mix of road and off-road I did in the end.

First of all I dropped a little present for rigger off at cooksons. No point using the chainring that came with the new crank, the last one was like cheese I'll just try and sell them on to someone who uses gears! I'm sure he will be feeling great when I pick him up with all the shiny new bits!
Then it was onto Bikeright to meet up with Al and Pat before following the fallowfield loop round to Chorlton. Some fun playing in the woods where I showed how not to go downhill and also found a lovely track that was covered in nettles. On the road to show me where the school was and at a junction I managed to slide off. Didn't really hurt, just felt a little silly especially as a runner seemed ready to pick me up!
Then we split as I headed over to Salford to pick up route 6 home. Nearly all off-road on the way home and I seemed to have remembered how to ride. The part out to the M60 is horrible garvel now so I explored some tracks that seemed to go the same way, this led to a mouthful of flies though!
47.9 miles @ 12mph
574m ascent


  1. ooh shiny! What freewheel/cog do you use?

  2. Have a surly cog, no idea on freewheel, still using the wheels that bike came with.

  3. Ah probably bontranger then? I'm wondering whether to keep on using cheap wheels and cogs or get some more bling hubs and use a white industries freewheel. TBH I doubt the bling stuff is worth it (ie cost 5 times as much but wont last 5 times longer) I've got one of those O-O rings on my pompino, seems to be lasting well.

  4. Matt recommended the o-o ring, so it should last a while, the last cheap one was like cheese, dead after two weeks! Surly cog is worth it too. No idea about freewheels though.