Saturday, 21 November 2015

Clearing my head

Not sure why this didn't post when I wrote it a few weeks back... 

It'd been a busy day rushing around, first to a school to do a Dr bike and then back to make a Dr's appointment. One of the reasons I think I've struggled a bit recently is I've been working a lot more than my contracted hours, I will get the time back but it's left me overtired and struggling. So i decided to headed out with the boys for a run. I had a look at the map and spotted two paths I hadn't ran before that could make a nice loop out via combes Dale and back via Tideswell lane and Eyam. It was a lovely day, one of the paths was a bit non existent but the other lovely. Coming out on the main road I decided we were having too much fun to just head up Tideswell lane so we headed along to silly Dale before heading back. It was a lovely loop and I am so lucky having the boys to share it with.

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