Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Edges - White, Froggatt and Curbar

I suggested to Vikki we run up at the Edges this afternoon as it was lovely out. So glad we did as the views were stunning.  We could hear the stags most of the run and at one point saw a couple. On Froggatt we met some cows with calves who were a bit too interested in us. I hid in the bracken with the boys whike Vikki circled them and moved them alone. Lovely run and definitely one of my favourite loops.


  1. Take care with cows, especially if they have calves with them, as they can attack if you have dogs. A couple of years ago a friend was out with a her dog and was attacked and had to be airlifted out. Scary.

  2. Yes very scary, can't wait till they go away for the winter!