Monday, 12 October 2015

Canicross Midlands race weekend at Box End

So the canicross season has started, this year the Canicross Midlands races are at some different venues and the first weekend was at Box End Park near Bedford. This is too far to travel each day so we were camping. It was a stunning location right next to the lake and we could watch the wake boarders. It was also only a couple of miles from Bedford so we had takeaway for tea on both Friday and Saturday evenings and didn't need to cook. Both of us had Friday off work so we could travel down in the day.

On Saturday Cybi and I ran the 5k in the morning. It was a little warmer than ideal for running with Cybi so he had a few dips in the Lake. As always he worked really hard and was a star. After a quick rest I ran with both Cybi and George over  the short course (3.2km). George shocked me when he went for it off the start line as although he obviously enjoys coming running with me and Cybi he tends to trot along and not really pull. As soon as they said go he was off and I had to work hard to stay on my feet. I was really proud of him as he even managed some overtaking. Me and the boys then spent the afternoon relaxing while Ali went to the football in Cambridge.

Sunday morning I ran the same combination. In the open we had mini mass starts with four starting at a time, usually we start at 20second intervals. Cybi was a star and got us to the first corner first but I couldn't keep that pace up and we were a little slower than Saturday. In the short course I was ready for George to go at the start and he pulled really well for the whole race. We came in slightly faster than Sunday and George coped with us being overtaken by quite a few from the class behind us.

All that was left was to pack up, which Ali being the star she is did most of while I was at prize giving. The boys were both brilliant all weekend, I was so proud of them.


  1. They must be very fit dogs as must you. You were always doing long rides but running is a different fitness to cycling. I expect the dogs limit you getting out on the bike now.

  2. Correct not riding much at all, makes me feel so unfit. But have built the running up now, I'm not a natural runner but enjoy it with the boys.