Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dark and White trail run - Goyt Valley

After last months dark and white trail run at Carsington Water I was quick to enter the next event at the Goyt Valley. George had cried at being left behind as I ran with just Cybi. So today I ran with both of them. The route had everything. We were soon in singletrack the boys somehow managed to run side by side even though I barely fit along some of the bits. Then it got a bit boggy, Cybi managed to find a deep but of bog and sank right into it and needed some help getting out. It was a lot hillier than the last one and with it being technical underfoot the downhills were taken slowly.

As we got on the more open tracks the 5k runners caught us, having set off later, and before we knew it we were at the feed zone. I had some juice but the boys were fine after enjoying the many muddy puddles we had passed. George was doing well and even coped with an off lead dog running up to him. I was starting to find the hills hard but with both the boys smiling they kept me going.

Finishing we had missed out on a gold time by 7minutes but all three of us had had a lovely time and the boys were so well behaved. We're all tired after the 17km.


  1. Great, pleased to see you're back posting again. I tried following you on Strava but no luck. I always thought that George would soon be one of the family.

  2. Thanks Dave, yes must make more of an effort with Blogging. George is indeed a member of our family, didn't take him long to make us fall in love with him.