Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mini Mountain Marathon

It seems ages ago that Hannah and I entered this event and with the weather forecast I wasn't sure I was really looking forward to it. All we knew when we entered was that it was in the Peaks somewhere, turns out that was Greenfield which is probably as far north as you can get and still be in the Peak. An early start so we could get an early start, you could start anytime between 8:15am and 10am.

The weather was as forecast and I set off in full waterproofs, Hannah was soon putting her trousers on as well! I had only done my navigation course two weeks ago which meant it was all fresh in my mind. Happily I didn't get us lost and we got to all the control points we aimed for. Unfortunately after two hours we knew if we tried to make a circular route we would be back late so we retraced our steps. Our score was pretty low but we'd had a great time in the hills.

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  1. The weather in the picture looked overcast, but at least it seemed like you enjoyed the view and the run, so that's good!