Saturday, 21 November 2015

Unheated swimming.

Last week Vikki mentioned she was going swimming, I was lamenting the fact I hadn't got round to going to Hathersage Pool before the season closed (it's a heated outdoor pool). It turns out that is where she was going as they do limited sessions of unheated swimming throughout November and into December. Next thing I knew I had talked myself into joining her. The water temperature was 19°C so invigorating but not cold cold cold. It was so much fun and reminded me how much I enjoy swimming.

Next Thursday I was there again this time in a wetsuit, the water temperature was 12.5 °C and Vikki was very jealous of my wetsuit. This time I managed to swim 1km and was looking forward to the next swim. So Saturday Sarah (who's in the photo - taken by Vikki) came over from Leeds. All three of us were in wetsuits and glad of it! The water temperature was once again 12.5°C but the air temperature was 0°C, there was even snow in the hills. I had to persuade myself to get in and the first two lengths were hard, but once I got going, as long as I didn't stop, it was okay. Well except for my googles struggling to stay sealed and letting water I'm, think the temperature was just too low for them. Managed another kilometre but the getting out and changed was hard... It was freezing.

Looking forward to going again on Thursday, can't believe how much fun it is. Especially as I normally get too cold to even paddle in the sea when on holiday and Ali is paddling.


  1. A kilometer, thats amazing especially since you havent been swimming for a long time. You have tremendous fitness levels. It puts my few lengthts of a pool to shame. With the dogs and swimming you wont have time to get back onto a bike.

  2. That's awesome, well done! How do they keep the water that 'warm'? (well, comparatively!)

  3. That is just what it is, they aren't doing anything. But water temperature will tend to be warmer than air temperature. It doesn't feel warm!

    A wetsuit helps a lot, both with the cold but also with swimming further! Also you don't want to stop when its that cold!