Friday, 4 January 2013

Riding the Rochdale Canal

A nice early start for me this morning as I was meeting Hannah at Sowerby Bridge at 10am. Riding over it was very misty up on Blackstone Edge, I also realised halfway up that I couldn't shift into my smallest ring at the front. Arriving at the station I was straight into the cafe to order food and Hannah arrived just in time to give me the extra pound I needed to be able to pay for the food (silly me forgot to check I actually had enough money with me)!
We set off and found the basin which was the start of the canal, the plan at this point was to ride it all the way into Manchester and then see how we got on with riding back. Just as we passed the sign telling us we were in Hebden Bridge when Hannah called out that she had a puncture. She fixed it and we were on our way...not for long though as it went flat again. This time we checked carefully and only found one place that might be a thorn, not that it was sharp, so we put some magic ducktape on. This time it stayed up....till just before summit, yes another puncture! We decided to ride as far as summit and then head back to Hebden Bridge for food.
We bumped into Emma at Hebden Bridge and then had some lovely burgers for lunch. Then back to Sowerby Bridge for another hot chocolate before I got the train back to Rochdale.
So 67miles, 30 of them was very muddy!

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  1. Can't wait to get out on my bike again and do some big miles. Well done.