Saturday, 26 January 2013

More Birthday Snow

This time the snow came for my birthday and there was a lot of it. Watching it fall last night cars were struggling up our road, a major road out of Bolton! This morning the road had obviously been ploughed but at least 8inches had fallen. Ali is down at her mum's so any adventure was on my own. I decided to run up to Affetside.

The first bit through the Golf Course and then Jumbles there were people about. But once I started up the hill I had virgin snow. Not that there was much running, deep snow and running is hard!

At the top I headed down the way I couldn't find going up the other week, soon the snow was knee deep. It was great fun trying to run!

7.5miles in total and out for over two hours! Hoping legs aren't too sore tomorrow as I have a ride planed.