Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Playing in the Snow

After an amazing weekend in the snow it was unlikely that Monday could be as good but as it was Ali's birthday I was hoping that there would at least be some snow. We woke up and there was quite a lot near us. Unfortunately the birthday girl had to go to work so I rode in with her and then went shopping on the way home. I rode in to meet her for lunch, the plan being to build a snowman but having been told they could have a short lunch and finish early plans were changed.

Just after 3pm I met Ali and we headed over to Barrow Bridge, climbing up I was soon walking. Partway up we had a stop for Ali to make snow angels, I almost wished we had our snowboards with us as the slope looked perfect! Carrying on we headed up on Winter Hill, there was some really deep snow, but the actual road to the mast had been gritted. Back down the Belmont descent involved lots of sliding off and Ali ended up in a ditch at one point. There was lots and lots of giggling.

From here we headed over to Ciao Baby (previously Barroco's). We were definetly the only people there in waterproof trousers! It was okay but nothing special but I got to have pizza!

Then all that was left to roll back to Bromley Cross and along the railway singletrack, we were getting a little cold on the way back.

More please!

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