Sunday, 13 January 2013

Riding in the Dales

I've only rode in the Yorkshire Dales a couple of times and its always been nice riding so when I planning a ride with Hannah and Norn I realised Gargrave was a similar time from all of us so an ideal meeting point. Ali and I were a little late leaving but with clear roads were there just after 10am and in the right car park. After the usual amount of faffing (lots in my case) we set out.

The route basically went up for 7.5miles and then mainly down for 7.5miles. It was a perfect day for it and I think that some of the sections would be a lot harder if they hadn't been frozen. At first we were on tracks but there were some sections across moorland.

I was on my singlespeed as its currently my only mountain bike in the bike room that is working. Meant I was a little anti-social climbing as I had no choice but to go at a certain speed till I toppled off and had to walk. I think the others enjoyed having suspension for the downhills as well. The frozen ruts seemed very good at grabbing wheels!

All that was left once we were back at the car was to go to the cafe for food, cake, hot chocolate and tea.

Lovely day and 16miles according to my Garmin.

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