Monday, 30 August 2010

My first Geocaching adventure

I had to do a presentation last week as part of the inhouse training we are getting at work, I chose geocaching as my subject as its something I had always meant to look into. Today Ali and I headed out to find the four caches closest to us.

Off to the first cache, following my GPS down towards where we used to live. Ali found the cache really quickly, so we signed the logbook and continued onto the next one.

A little more hidden, but not too hard to find. This time we took a travelling coin out, Ali is planning on where to leave it to help its trip round the world.

Onto the third cache and we found the spot easily, but we couldn't find the cache. Climbing up and down a cliff looking in all sorts of places we were nearly ready to give up (well I was with my short concentration span). At this point another two people arrived, also out on their first geocaching adventure, between us with lots of searching we found the tiny cache and signed the logbook.

Then onto the last one at a nearby industrial estate.

Another tiny cache with just a logbook to find.

Definitely recommended and we are already planning our next adventure. Go to for more information and to find the location of caches.


  1. i have no idea what you're on about. will follow the link....!

  2. Was fab fun! And can't wait to drop off the travelling coin somewhere exciting!

  3. Done geocaching on and off in the past though the first one we picked was a micro mini stupidly small one that we missed for a while. (The log was a 1cm by 10cm strip of paper).

    There is one up at Black Coppice that was interesting to find (if you want some inspiration). Great to do with teenagers/tweenagers too.

  4. They weren't in Eagly Valley were they ?

    Me and my youngest found these about a month ago and it looks a bit familiar.

  5. Longsight Park, Eagly valley are probably my next nearest so the next ones to tick off!