Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sky Rides

I've been leading some skyrides again this year. Today was just perfect, although it rained all morning it cleared up for the afternoon ride. All the leaders worked really well as a team and we had lots of smiles. It's great to help people get into cycling.


  1. looks like a stunner of a ride, it's great that they're so popular this year.

  2. Was this the Preston one? It was mentioned on the radio as we were driving across to gloomy Calderdale to ride (brightened up though, bloody horrendous headwind at times though...5mph on flat tarmac, what fun!).

  3. Julbags This was a Skyride local out near Manchester Airport, I am yet to do any Preston ones although I have offered.

    Eliz A Good they are popular but that brings problems as well, people can't get on them in Manchester so just turn up, we already have silly numbers so have to turn them away. Still great to get all these people riding!