Thursday, 12 August 2010

Endura Sleepless in the Saddle - Rider Interviews

Joolze kindly interviews me just after I crossed the line....


  1. You made sense, your answers were concise and in good humour - well done! Very cool.

    I bet I'd have wittered (not that I'll ever get interviewed by Joolze - unless I do something immensely dense and newsworthy during a race).

    AND you weren't chewing throughout the interview like the guy after you - eurgh...

  2. Yes riding a 24hour race solo is a bit dense ;-)

    I didn't make much sense, I wasn't up two laps after four laps for instance! Ali warned me not to witter on when Joolze came over!

    p.s. Were you the Jo that said hi?

  3. You looked far too fresh in that interview!

  4. Yes, you're meant to look completely bloody knackered after riding for 24 hours :)

  5. I had been sat chatting on the hill for a while which helped! I was pretty dead!