Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ride the Lights

Last night was ride the lights in Blackpool. I've meant to go for the last few years but like a lot of things it never happened.  This year in a bid to be organised I sent an email out a month before. So on Monday I remembered and thought I should get organised. It turned out that only me and Vikki were able to make it so I got the train from Manchester after work and Vikki got on at her stop. This amazingly worked seamlessly and we did meet up. The train had quite a few bikes on, not all going to Blackpool though.

We got there and it was full of cyclists, but not too exciting as it was still light so we headed off to find a chippy. Vikki brought out her suprise then, beer. (Note to self meet up with Vikki more often!) We sat watching the sun set and enjoying our chips and beer, I really enjoyed the real beer might even be tempted to try something similar again. Then it was time to actually ride the lights.

We weren't moving fast, but then I don't think they would work fast as usually you would be in a traffic jam. They weren't really that exciting but it was loads of fun.

All that was left was the train home where the train driver himself squeezed our bikes on an already packed train. Great to see so many different people on bikes.


  1. sounds brill. some nice looking bikes on that train!

  2. A top evening! I'm glad you liked the beer, I may yet convert you to real ale?

  3. kate Obviously the nice bikes belong to me and Jumbly!

    jumbly I'm sure a few more rides like that and you will ;-)