Friday, 7 May 2010

The miles add up

Today I had lots of errands to run, first it was down to Cooksons Cycles to get them to have a look at trek, as expected it needs too much doing. Back home again and there was just time for a quick lunch before heading out for a hospital appointment. Heading down Crompton Way I saw the strangest sight, a young deer racing all over the road. It looked terrified. I have to assume there are deer in Seven Acres Park but I am suprised. Onto Bury Road and straight into a headwind, not good. I was on the drops working as hard as I had at the time trial the other week only I was barely moving. In fact I only just got to Fairfield hospital in time. The way home was a lot easier, although you never notice the wind when it is a tail wind!

Then it was time for a short mtb ride. Odile had just picked up her bike with new forks so wanted a ride but was on a time-limit. Ali was tired but wanted some mtb miles so we set out to the golf course. Some playing on trails I normally run, great singletrack here I should do it more often. Some riding down steep slopes.

Then an attempt to get back up by me.

A cheeky ride through Jumbles with some new lines taken then back home via last drop village. 10miles on the GPS.

40miles in total for the day!

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  1. Mind those deer - last time I saw one of those was on the Cumbrian Christmas Cracker, seconds later it hurdled the wall and shot across the road about five metres in front of me. Saw it was about to happen and was on the brakes already, but still scary.