Monday, 24 May 2010

hard - hot - head

That was so Hard!

It was way too Hot!

My Head nearly let me down, the one thing I wasn't worried about!

More to come when my hands and brain are functioning again.


  1. perfect weather for social riding, way too hot for racing. So...howdidyoudo?

  2. Sounds like the title to a porno.

    My head nearly exploded in pain yesterday in Swaledale.

  3. Well done Trio.

    I tried to congratulate you after the event but I don't think I was making any sense.

    Really thought you'd won something. I only stayed for the prize presentation to see you pick up the ladies single speed award. (Which sadly there wasn't actually a catagory for).

  4. hahahaha @ lowey :)

    top effort in ridiculous conditions. can't wait to read the gory details.