Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hobble Hobble

When will I learn? My bike needed to be dropped off at Cooksons for tuesday, I was home to late on monday to get it there, Ali had the car tuesday. So I decided to run home. I was actually really pleased with my pacing. I was aiming for 10min/miles and basically managed that. I was reasonably consistent over the run, a little slower on the climbs, a little faster downhill. At no time was I was working too hard. I always felt there was more to give.

Wednesday morning though I was hobbling down the stairs at 5am, unable to sleep. It felt like my knees. I iced them in front of the tv and hobbled round getting my mountain bike stuff ready for working. It was fine on the bike. By lunch I realised it was my quads that were sore. Knees were fine, phew!

Still a little sore today, certainly wasn't ideal in the two weeks before 24solo (eek!) but was good to run again.


  1. I went out for a tarmac heavy run on Monday, first in a few weeks and my calves are still killing today...not great prep for my longest ride so far on Sunday.

    Like you it was good to run again though.

  2. Is the etape caledonia this weekend? Have fun!

    I want to get back to running once a week as it gets me fit and if I am away from bikes I can always run!

    The run was a little tarmac heavy as well which won't have helped!

  3. Yes it is, on Sunday, getting nicely nervous now.

  4. Sorry I been missing your posts lately,my friend. Had lots of personal things keeping me away from anything bike/outdoors-fun related.

    Got a lot of catchup reading to get to,LOL!

    I haven't been able to get back on the bike yet,but have at least started walking,then recently pushed it to running on an inddor machine we have...not as good a workout as "real" running,but it's helping.

    Anyways,wish you and Ali a great weekend coming :-)


  5. No worries, I hope things are okay with you. Great news about the running, I really hope you get to ride again soon. Any good news on the court case front?