Monday, 22 June 2009

Mountain Mayhem 2009

This seemed to arrive quickly! My week wasn't ideal preparation, riding every day and managing 199miles before heading to Mayhem! The plan had been to go down friday, but me not getting packed and then Ali not managing it before I finished on friday meant we went down early saturday. Left here at 5am and there was no traffic, it worked well actually! It seemed like no time in the morning till it was time to start. This year was a little different to last as we were there as a team with the aim to podium. Julie did our first lap being the only one of us who can run! She came back in 4th place in our category, a good start! I headed out with the aim to pull us up to third, so powered up the first hill where I caught the girl who had headed out second - their first girl must have been a strong runner! I then got the next placed girl. On the other side of the course I had to run half the kenda climb as she was right on my tail and riding it failed halfway up! After that I was enjoying the lap and was suprised to pass the girl from KMB on one of the climbs, every 24hour race I have done they have won!
Keen to keep it up as we were now in first I was shouting Ros before I even got to transition! We managed to mantain our lead from then on, slowly building but never really getting away. Ali even got a picture of me at the top of the kenda climb, I can't believe I am smiling! That was my weakness on the course as I ended up walking every lap (I got back on here for the camera!)

Ros finished our last lap and as the other teams didn't get back from their 22nd lap before 2 o'clock we actually finished a lap ahead.

The podium was fun as we struggled not to fall off!

It was a fun weekend, and an odd feeling being so competitive, its not that long ago I was the slow link in any team!
Oh yes and I did enjoy singlespeeding it!


  1. fantastic result-well done to all of you!!

    must be pretty intense actually 'racing' for the 24hr

  2. Well done all of you.
    Is a 24 hour solo on the cards soon?

  3. Well done those in 3rd look pretty p#ssed off !!

  4. One day redbike, but at least a year yet. I need to find sponsorship really.

  5. Yay!

    Great job, glad the team worked out. You've kept quiet about hours 2-23, were they not worthy of mention, or are you just too pooped for a full write-up?!

    I demand details so I can race vicariously through you!

    ps are the results up anywhere?

  6. i'm in awe at you guys, you did absolutely brilliant! well done to all.

  7. Well done! Agree with Pink, those pushed into 3rd look mighty annoyed!

  8. Well done that's fantastic!

  9. why do you need to find sponsorship?

  10. Yay! Once again well done you :-)

    And - " I need to find sponsorship really" - the racing/getting noticed comes before the sponsorship, usually... ;-)

  11. I can't afford all the riding I want to do! Yes need to get faster really first!

    Oh and laps 3-23 went fine, I only mentioned the exciting ones, it kinda blurs after that!

  12. Well done to you and the rest of your team!