Saturday, 13 June 2009

A friday night on the moors

After my last two bivvy rides Ali was asking when she got to go on an adventure, apparently she was missing her trio adventures. So since we weren't able to go away this weekend the plan was hatched. Once we were both home from work on friday we were to head up into the hills. We packed the bivvy bundles on thursday and as I was meant to be home first I would get the clothes and food together. I got in the door to a voice asking where had I been. She was so excited she had finished work early! We were out the door and on our way at 6pm. The route out was well know to me, but there were some new bits for Ali.
After lots of climbing - the route out seemed to be mainly uphill. But with all the baby sheep around Ali was really happy!
We found a perfect spot for our mats and started on dinner. I had carried all the ingredients for camp stew - three tins so Ali got started. First in the steak, easy it had a ring-pull opening. Then the veg, I had brought the camp tin-opener that Jon had given me. First Ali tried and got some holes, but that didn't help much. So I started, after bending the tin opener, I got half the tin open so that was enough. Onto the Potatoes, here it got harder. After an age I still had only got a gap of 2cm. So we decided that we might not be having potatoes! Just as the other food was ready I managed to get enough of a gap to get the potatoes out so we started eating from the pot and added potatoes. Eventually it was all eaten! Yummy!

After learning from my first bivvy trip, I didn't bring small bottles of bubbles, just a nice big one for us to share!

Just as we finished dinner the rain started so Ali got in her bivvy bag, it seemed to confuse her a little!!!

We both slept fine, waking up a few times. I think Ali was ready to get up at 4am but I certainly wasn't! At 6am we had breakfast, cereal and midges!!! Yummy there were loads!

Then we got all packed up and headed towards home.

The sun even came out to play!

Then it was the end :o(
Time to plan the next adventure.
Thanks Jumbly for lending Ali your bivvy bag.


  1. Ali was very welcome to borrow the bivvy bag. Looks and sounds like you 2 had great fun, I can't believe you take bottles of champers and tinned food out with you, too heavy by far! But then I seem to have turned into a kit geek ready for the SLMM and have been weighing a lot of my kit lately!

  2. Yes my kit is heavy, I weighed it last time! But I have no option but to use what I have. I have a wish list though!

    Ali's bag was a lot lighter! The tins were because she had requested that meal - and it was worth it it was good - the champers to celebrate her first trip! Also worth it. We only rode about 9miles to get to the spot and 9miles back so it was easy enough to carry!

  3. I guess it would be pretty hard to deny Ali a good feed and a bottle of bubbles on her first bivvy!

  4. mmm...midges
    sounds like ali might enjoy a polaris event as well as a mm?!

  5. She didn't enjoy the midges!

    I think a polaris event looks fun. But the amount of stuff we would need to buy rules it out for now!

  6. Oh heck, it looks like i'm in trouble again. Sorry Trio!
    Took me ages to figure out how to use the tin opener too.

    What, no glasses?
    Did Ali not get a drink?

  7. that looks great fun and a really cute romantic night out.
    (ok most non outdoor people wouldnt agree with me there)

    I need to bug Rik for more adventures :)

    Keep your stories coming Amy

  8. Yes Ads, I have had a few odd looks when I explained our friday night out! But we loved it!

  9. What a great thing to do! Thanks for sharing the photos. It reminded me of my backpacking days in England a long long time ago.

  10. Sounds a fun adventure, and so close to home too. I assume you stayed close to home? I don't recognise anywhere on the pics tho, is that second shot near delph reservoir?