Friday, 11 November 2016

Chips first Bikejor race

When the start list came out for Novembers Midlands race I realised it was ideal for Chip. We wouldn't catch the people in front and behind was her foster dad with his dog who she loves so wouldn't be scared if went past and then scooters which shouldn't catch us. Cybi seemed a bit tired so I decided to give her a go. She was a little scared at the start and needed a bit of encouragement but then she ran like a pro, only veering off course twice (once at the end) to look at something. We were never caught either! Cybi ran on the Saturday and was tired so I decided to bike Chip again on the Sunday. This time she was keen to get going at the start, woofing away! An early stop as she needed a poo meant our friend Ruth nearly caught us but we managed to hold them off. We were first in our category both days and on the Saturday we were the 5th fastest wheels time over all the categories. I was super proud of her and it looked like she was having a great time. I felt so bad not biking Cybi and if he isn't as tired in December they can do a day each. There is also a new 3k category which will be ideal for him now he is getting older.


  1. Good to read your posts again, I thought that maybe you had abandoned the blog. Biking and running the dog, its a cant beat combo. Our spaniel used to run along side the bike on a lead. She was excellent and never pulled and you could even take her along some quiet side streets.

  2. I'm rubbish at remembering to blog these days, think as less people seem to blog but I do like it so must make the effort. Mine are trained to pull so no way could I chance it on a road.