Friday, 18 November 2016

Canicross Anglesey 5k race

I had a good night's sleep in Bumble with the woofs and arrived at Newborough Forest nice and early so we all went for a walk. The beach had quite a few off lead dogs so we stuck to the forest which seemed to smell nice as the woofs constantly had their heads down. Back and registered I was number 22 so early off (it was a paired start so different for me). At briefing they explained how the route was signed using an odd system of circles and squares (think it comes from sled dog racing) I was a little concerned having gone the wrong way the day before but turns out I didn't need to worry as it was brilliantly marked.

I got cybi and Chip down to the start early so I could find a spot to wait out of the way they were pretty good only starting to go crazy when we went to the start. I got a little confused as number 21 wasn't there so started about 5 seconds late. We set off fast with Cybi and Chip both pulling as hard as possible with me trying to run up sandy hills. The course was lovely and we were gaining on someone ahead of us till cybi stopped for a poo. We were caught by one person so the seeding worked well. I was really proud of how they ran and had a great time.

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