Saturday, 19 November 2016

Betws y coed trail challenge

The Saturday in Wales we headed down to Betws y Coed for the trail challenge. After registering I took Cybi and George out for a run, we ran some of the 5k course, some of the 10k and some other linking trails. Added up to 6k all together and we all enjoyed it. An hour later I was getting Chip ready for the 10k start. It's starts straight uphill and Chop was very unsure on this bit. I think we were overtaking too many people and it meant too many dogs about so it was scary. Once it started to spread out she settled into her running and we were having fun. Unfortunately somewhere we missed a sign and a group of us ended up well off course and we had to turn round and go back. Coming into the finish and I had akr any ran 12k. But it was a lovely location. Although we stayed between two of the waves these group start races aren't for me. But I definitely would like to do more running round there. 

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