Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Three Peaks Cyclo-cross 2013

So this year I had a new bike but somehow had managed no specific training, there really is no excuse as I do now live somewhere perfect to train, but on the plus side I had rode my cross bike a lot including off-road. As Ali was away I stayed at Malham YH the night before with Hannah which meant no having to get up early and an easy 8mile drive over to the start. Once we registered (thanks Ros of the Whistle as I had forgot mine). We met up with Al, Sarah and Norn and enjoyed the fact the sun was shining. Lining up it was nice to catch up with people I hadn't seen a while but soon we were off.

The road section was crazy as always although I lost the back of the main group, could tell at that point I had lost fitness over this summer, still my main aim was to make the cut-offs and finish so that was fine. Onto Simon Fell and it hadn't got any flatter, this year you could also see the whole line of riders/walkers up to the top. I soon was into my slow rhythm to the top, my main aim being to not stop which I managed. I was finding the carrying hard though, but I managed a PB to the top by a minute (probably as much to do with the better conditions but one I am pleased with).
That's me bottom left

Up onto Ingleborough and I was riding the singletrack but once we started climbing the wind became quite strong and at one point I was more of less crawling at the top. Dibbed in and started descending, a bit more walking than I would like and also one crash when the wind blew my bike off the track and I went over the bars but no damage. It was great to have my cheer squad at the bottom.

I headed along the road to Whernside and for the first time I caught someone and we shared the work to the bottom. Then it was another climb before some more descending, I managed to find some of the lines off the side of the track which helped me ride more of it.

I made the last cutoff and headed up PYG lots of riding on the way up was good but my legs were struggling. The turn around came and after walking the top section it was riding all the way, I enjoyed the descent and felt strong on the way to the finish actually passing two guys on the way to the finish.

Sub 6hours isn't anything amazing but I'm chuffed to have finished again.

So next year....yes I may try and actually train....

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  1. Well done Amy! Was a cracking day for it. Sorry I didn't see you to cheer you on, only actually saw a few of the many people there that I knew.