Sunday, 13 October 2013

My first DNF on an Audax

I'd entered this Audax a few weeks ago and had really been looking forward to it. But after not finishing Dusk til Dawn last weekend, a night in hospital and most of a week off work I was unsure. But I also knew I would beat myself up if I didn't go. Ali dropped me off with instructions to call her if I needed a lift home from ANYWHERE.

The first section was flat and fast, although windy I assume it was a tailwind as we were moving fast. I rode sometimes with a group and sometimes on my own and made reasonable time to the first control. By this point I was remembering all the things I had forgotten to bring, including a bike pump although fortunately I did have a CO2 inflator with me.

From her I rode on my own, there was a random Giraffe and Panda in a field.

I wasn't enjoying it at all and felt clammy and rubbish (probably partly new med side effects). I also knew the next control was a café where I should stop and eat and I just didn't think I could cope with people. I text Ali and dropped into Leek to be picked up.

The rest of the day was spent on the sofa curled up feeling pretty rubbish.

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