Saturday, 12 October 2013

Dusk til Dawn

I was unsure about this race I know I've lost a lot of fitness, I've been getting more and more lifts to and from work, feeling tired all the time, and 12hours is a long time. But I'd entered and Ali was also racing with Hannah in female pairs.

Leading up to the race we had some 'Amy' moments but it was soon start time and I watched Ali zoom off. I spent the first lap riding with the winner from last year but knew I had to let her go. The course was lovely but I wasn't enjoying it. A second lap and I wanted to stop, I made an agreement with myself that at 100miles I could. On I plugged, knees started hurting and I realised saddle had slipped so a quick stop to sort that. A lap with Ali and after a couple more. I was getting slower and slower and I wasn't enjoying it, which is odd even when hurting I'm usually smiling on the bike.

Time to rest and get ready for next year.

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  1. Well looking at this from an "oldies" point of view you're not doing so bad.