Tuesday, 1 November 2011

October Roundup

The start wasn't great, back being injured meant I had to be sensible. I did my best but then work stuff was getting to me, I try and look after myself but nothing helps more than riding. My back feeling better I rode over to Liverpool a few times but the odd bit of off-road showed me that it wasn't 100% The month finished with a holiday in Cornwall, I feel a little guilty that I wasn't on great form till near the end of the holiday. But I did get some nice rides in down there and they were hilly.

So the numbers:

Mountain Bike: 39.6miles (33.6singlespeed)
Cyclocross Bike 82.8miles
Road Bike: 364.6miles (480.41miles fixed)

Total Cycling: 757miles
Running: 0miles - oh dear but obviously till my back is sorted still no running

The one thing I've realised is that I am getting very few fun miles in and very few hills. As soon as my back is better I want to get out with Chris and maybe some fun road rides especially as I really enjoyed riding with Mikey and realised that I only seem to ride o I really enjoyed riding ruby again. I'm also going to try another cross race after enjoying the one down south.


  1. Still good mileage! I sympathise entirely with being injured as have had a bit of a dodgy left knee these last few weeks which have meant cutting right down on running and riding hills (luckily my commute is flat). Its improving now, as is my mood. I hadn't realised how grumpy I was about the whole thing.

  2. glad to see that you're on the mend again. it must be hard to get the 'fun' miles when you have to do so many commuting. would you ever consider using the train just so you could go on a night ride??!

  3. Problem is I find that it makes little difference, I just get home and don't ride. Will hopefully get riding with Chris again soon now my back is on the mend.