Wednesday, 30 November 2011

And I will Ride 1000miles....

Yesterday I rode too and from Warrington, I also got pelted by rain and hail when out with the kids which led to a mad dash to the school. But when I put the stats on sportstracks I realised that I was only 28miles off riding 1000miles for the month.

Today I was doing a Recce ride in Liverpool, problem being that would only be 20miles. I was way too tired to get up early enough to ride over so train it was. Ali then suggested she met me in Wigan, where I normally change trains on the way back, and we ride home. I would definetlg get the miles that way. Plans changed a bit and I had to do a Learn to Ride in liverpool in the morning. Then the recce ride was completed partly in the dark. Partway round I went into a boots to collect my prescription, went to Dr's yesterday. I knew I had to get it as I had ran out of meds. Just as I collected they mentioned they didn't have enough and i'd have to come back, not so easy as its in speke. Fortunately they open sunday and I am working over there on sunday.

Back to riding we finished the recce and I got on a very busy train to Wigan, although after three stops it was quiet again. Partway there and Ali phoned she had punctured and was struggling with the pump. I explained how to use her CO2. Then she rings again, it all went wrong and tyre still flattish. Fortunately she was by tesco so she sheltered inside and I rode from wigan to rescue her.

Getting home, stats on computer and 1008miles for the month.

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