Friday, 5 November 2010

Embracing the dark

I know it happens every year but it always feels quite sudden that its dark when i'm home for the evening. But it does mean one thing night riding season. It's been a stressful week while I make decisions about work, its all change and only time will tell if it is the right decision but I was going nowhere with the company I had been at.

So onto night riding, on wednesday all the girls came over to Bolton to ride the usual loop. We were late heading up the Belmont road as the traffic problems on the M60 meant people were late arriving. It was really misty and I had my light on low but it was still reflecting back at me. I also forgot how to ride downhill and dabbed I don't know how how many times on the ice-cream run. Back down to the pub before riding home, lovely evening if a little wet.

Onto thursday and I picked chris up from cooksons and we headed out towards entwistle where we were actually riding through the reservoir at one point as the water level was so high. Onto the Darwen moors and I remembered how much I loved being up there as you really do feel out in the middle of nowhere. I could hear the grit wearing away my brake pads but Chris was telling me his last forever. Along the witton weaver way and Chris annouched there was something wrong with his rear wheel. Turns out his brakes pads had worn out and the spring was catching. Next thing we know his front pads go as well. Good job we were on the way home. Back after 35miles of mud.

I always forget how much fun night riding in the winter is, so get the lights on and get out there.
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  1. i love nightriding and look forward to our midweek Pentlands ride..helps get through the working week!