Thursday, 11 November 2010

Chasing Boys

Tuesday night and I turned up at Cooksons to ride with Chris to find that Shaun was joining us. I knew this meant I was in for a hard ride. Both these boys are fast. We headed out up Rooley Moor Road and although it was a cold night I was soon hot on the climb. I could just about keep them in sight (okay they were probably waiting for me) and after a bit of the Crag Singletrack I had to stop and have some food.

Dropping down into Edenfield Chris gave me the option of road home or Robin Hoods Well, I of course chose another climb even though my legs had given up by this point. I think Shaun was ready to go home since we were near his house but he was persuaded that another climb was a good idea.
This time I couldn't keep them in sight. apart from chris kindly stopping to take a picture of me suffering. I was glad to jump on the road at Ramsbottom and arrive home. I was empty and shattered but they say it makes you stronger?

32miles and 870m of climbing

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  1. Think you pushed me to hard, pretty sure i have a cold now.