Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Photos and improvements

First things first the official photos are up here. Not sure which ones I'll buy yet.

I decided to have a look at my times from the night stage this year and last year. Since the stage was the same, only when we did it and weather conditions from the week were different. Last year we did this stage on the first day so legs were fresher. This year it was Day 4.

Last year I finished the stage in 32:53 this year 28:52. This is a huge improvement! Comparing the winning female times (25:18 this year and 24:39 last year) there isn't that much difference. I am definetly a lot faster. Looking at it this way suprised me, I felt I rode the night stage badly. Other stages can't be directly compared but overall I think I am a lot faster.

In fact if it wasn't for the stage on the day my knee was sore I would have finished 3rd singlespeeder, I was third in two of the special stages - not bad as the only female!

If I do this event again I will have to do some training for really short stages, I did some short xc races this year and cross races throughout the winter, but they are all at least an hour long. Nothing like racing for less than 30minutes. I also think short stages like that are one place where gears really work!

Overall I am pleased with transwales, I think the fact it didn't hurt as much as last year made it harder to appreciate it! I am definetly more suited to longer distances than trying to go fast over a very short distance. Would I go back? Definetly the riding is amazing. But I think its time to find a new challenge!


  1. Everyone was trying to tell you that you ARE so much quicker; but for some reason you wouldn't believe it.

    I'm glad to see you're finally warming to just how well you've done.

    btw, you've got mail.

  2. There's some great photos there btw.

  3. You did really well trio considering you were fully rigid and single speed. You gotta be pleased with how you did regardless. Like you say, if you tailor you're training to the stages then you'll be even better next year! Well done!!

  4. Sigh, never had you down as a drama queen, fretting BEFORE checking your stats! ;-)

    Shows that subjective experience can be deceiving. And glad it proved what your loyal readers knew all along!

    Sounds like your speed is already improving without any specific training. So if you focus on it, I think you'll be a champ at speed AND endurance - wow.

    (BTW fave photos = no.2 in the lush valley, and where you're wading triumphantly through the river!)

  5. The valley is lush, I want to walk through it! I actually stopped for a picnic to enjoy it!

    I love the river crossing as last year that river was up to my chest!!!

    Me a drama queen, of course!!!

  6. Fast laps round the new stuff at Gisburn Forest may help build speed as the special stages seemed to be forestry/trail centre style singletrack. That type of singletrack is best ridden fast and very different to normal bridleway style riding.