Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Getting nervous

Rich decided to try and use me as a model for one of his pics at SITS, needless to say I'm not great at that.

I had lots of lectures that racing at SITS was not ideal prepartion for transwales, but for me it was good - now that my shoulder is less sore. I now feel a bit more confident and I had a great weekend. It also took my mind off transwales, now though I am feeling really scared. Last year the aim was just to finish and I was so pleased with my podium finish. This year I have set myself the crazy challenge of singlespeeding but I know I would love to get on that podium again. Think is it depends more on who else is there than me in lots of ways. I'll never be one of the really fast girls! I am faster than I was but that puts me in the average as oppose to slow category now. Still I need to concentrate on packing etc now and not on worrying!

Do you think a short ride would be so bad tomorrow?


  1. will it actually be short, or trio short?

    you've done enough miles and time in the saddle. try and relax and enjoy it-you're a fast endurance racer ;)

  2. Honestly, if I were you I'd stay off the bike, if you want to just get out and have a leg stretch and take your mind off your nerves come and meet me and Flipper and we'll go for a walk up Winter Hill and have a slab of carb loading cake!

  3. A short rides sounds like a good idea. A Trio short ride sounds like a daft idea.

  4. Your not slow!!!!

    Fourthed on keeping it properly short.

  5. I think walking up winter hill would be worse for my legs, as they are not used to walking! But maybe the cake bit could be good jumbly? Then I could ride there and back - that is only 18miles, short enough folks?