Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Musing on transwales

The week disappeared so quickly. It got to the end and I was sad. The next two days were spent so down. I couldn't see any positives from the week and I felt like I was pretty rubbish. Today it is time to move on from that. The tent is drying, clothes are in the washing machine. It won't be long till the next adventure!

I don't think I appreciated what going to transwales singlespeed on a fully rigid meant. This was just my bike. I have to say I got so many positive comments during the week, as well as regularly being called mad!

The linking stages went really well. I think I was stronger than last year and I am definetly better downhill. A lot less people were going past me and I actually passed some. I was still feeling strong at the end of the week and still finishing in the top half every day. The special stages though were hard. At the first I was about a minute off the podium and I never got any closer. Last year I felt like I was making time up on the climbs, this year everyone was passing me. I gave it my all and it was never good enough. Now looking back I think that I would have been faster in the special stages with gears. But also how can I expect to be fast over such short distances? I knew the format didn't suit me. I didn't realise how strong the field would be this year. All the girls riding were fit and fast! None of us missed a stage.

In a few days I am sure I will be buzzing with the achievement, at the moment I am just down, I think I had got used to riding everyday and now I don't know what to do! The tempatation is to go out riding loads but I know if I am being sensible I should take it easy till kielder100, I have the miles in my legs now I don't want to overdo it!


  1. Poor Trio. How can you not think it was fantastic achievement?

  2. Rest is good! You did excellently well, hopefully you will come to realise it.

  3. I'm getting there!

    Things like the fact that I was third singlespeeder on two of the special stages make me think!

  4. You've just ridden Transwales, singlespeed, fully rigid, didn't miss any stages and placed well in a very strong field. You've achieved something most other people wouldn't even contemplate tackling, and that makes you pretty damn special. Keep thinking about the best bits, rest those legs for the K100, and go and have another trio adventure for those of us that get too scared to do it ourselves.

  5. Well done.

    enjoy some well earned rest, cake, beer and pizza.

    Take it easier than you think, it's really easy to overdo it- I'm still feeling deadly slow ever since my 24hr race in July. Mainly because I didn't take a long enough rest after it. And remember that even though going slowly over long distances might feel 'easy' and less of an achievement than going fast that's only because you're good at endurance racing and lots of people couldn't even think about entering a race like that!!!

  6. well said Jumbly.
    Trio you did awesomely well ( is that word?! ) ; you did a really hard event and did it making it more difficult on yourself by being fully rigid and gearless!

    Its a huge achievement what you have done. I bet you'll look back in a few months and realise that anyway.

  7. What you're feeling now is often the case after a week or more in the saddle. It takes a while to "come down" after a tour. But give yourself a while, dont stop cycling, just dont extend yourself, some very very quiet rides to keep the muscles active will help.

  8. @rse, just left a huge wibbly old comment and lost it!

    ...it just said what everyone else said, that we've all got huge admiration for someone who keeps pushing themselves like you do.

    I also feel bad cos I voted singlespeed! Well, we know now how it felt.. :-$

    I want to know more about the Kielder 100, have just looked at the site. What times do people go for? One day I would like to a) do the South Downs Way 100, b) in under 12 hours, a la Leadville. Maybe in the next lifetime...

    Keep pushing your boundaries Trio! And keep writing about it!

  9. I don't regret doing it singlespeed! I am glad I did go against the majority in the poll and thank you to everyone who voted singlespeed it gave me the courage to try it!

  10. You did absolutely brilliant as usual, only fellow cyclists know the effort and endurance needed, most couldn't do it, including me, you will reflect on it and I am sure you will be proud! Well done!

  11. you're ace :)

    you've been working towards this for so long, it's not surprising there's a slight sense anti climax. give it time and you'll see what you've actually achieved-take a look back at your blog leading up to last years race ;)

    now, when can i book my next trio adventure?

  12. Do I have to ask Ali to hide your bikes? ;-) It's so hard when you can't close that gap but the year will come when you do manage it and that still won't be enough, either.

    Onwards, to K100, and more cake and fun :-)

  13. Cake did someone mention cake....