Friday, 24 February 2017

A snowy adventure

Although it was snowing a bit at home it was also very windy and rainy and pretty yuck. Ali had a 6.5 mile run on her training plan (she's entered a marathon) so I suggested heading up to the edges to see if we could find snow. We all donned waterproofs and packed spare layers (the dogs go got me to carry theirs) and headed out along the river. It was pretty horrid weather but good to be out together. As we started climbing we started to find white stuff. George had a good woogle and we all got excited. Along the edges we were back into the wind and as soon as we started dropping down there was no more snow.

We finished the run at the pub, stripped off our wet layers and had pizza for tea before walking the last bit home. A fab 7 mile adventure from the front door.

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