Friday, 24 May 2013

An evening ride with the girls

The NWMTB girls were riding from near Chinley in the Peak District and as I now live nearby I thought it would be silly not to join them. Leaving what I thought was loads of time I forgot to account for the headwind and the fact I didn't have quite the right location so was a little late. Fortunately I was able to catch them up. We headed down Roch Clough and I remembered just how rocky it was out here. I walked one section where the drop was too big for me but otherwise managed okay. Near Hayfield we headed over to Cracken Edge where the views were stunning before returning by Roych Clough.

After a fab ride and just as it got dark I headed home, following my Garmin I ended up off-road and was beginning to worry I was going to end up going down Cavedale, which I knew to be a very technical descent. As it was it was nice easy riding and I came out on a road I knew.

A late night but worth it. 37miles in total and felt strong on the climbs.

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