Sunday, 19 May 2013

A sunny Sunday

Waking up to a lovely sunny day we knew we had to get out so we set out to find some of the local geocaches. At first we weren't successful but soon we were finding them and enjoying being out in the sunshine. Getting to Eyam we had ice-cream before returning home via another two caches.

After lunch I headed out on my bike, Ali was tired and decided to be sensible and do some work. It was amazing out and I was really happy with the route I had plotted. When I got back I was about to wash my bike when Ali said it was too nice a day and she wanted to ride the route as well so I headed back out with her. It was getting a little cooler but it was still a lovely day. She was flying today even jumping on a rocky descent, unfortunately this led to a puncture which I got to fix!

In the end I had ridden 26miles and walked about 4miles, not bad for a sunny Sunday.

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  1. Lovely scenery, and looks a good place to be.