Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mary Townley Loop

I wanted a last training ride before kielder100 so I persuade Ali to come and ride the MTL. She decided it was more sensible not to ride to/from the start so we drove to Waterfoot and headed clockwise from there. The day was great, the sun shone all day. Some of the trails were very eroded from the flooding they've had in Calderdale this summer. Halfway round we bumped into Andrew from my work, also out on a long ride round the MTL for kielder training, just going the opposite way. A lose cleat bolt was the only mechanical issue of the day.

47miles, total time just under 8 hours and a very tired Ali at the end.

Feeling a bit better about kielder now, although it is over twice as far!

1 comment:

  1. Just seen yours and Ali's times for Kielder,11.52 and 12.15,well do both i know i
    couldn't do that