Friday, 24 June 2011

The oddest mechanical

Yesterday I went to Hebden Bridge and back for Physio. Using kiwi I had strapped a bag on the rack to keep weight off my back. The first hill on the way back and something went into my wheel, stopping and looking round the bag was in the middle of the road. The bungy cord was completely wrapped round the freewheel (I was lucky it didn't go into the fixed side). After resucing the bag, I set about freeing the wheel, eventually using the screwdriver on the multi-tool to cut the cord a strand at a time. It took ages but at least I was able to pedal again. I guess this means I need a racktop bag for when i'm not carrying much?
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  1. why can't you use a side pannier? ...that's a long way to go for physio, is it part of your treatment?!

  2. Don't want to use just one as I am lopsided, want to keep equally balamced if possible.

    I knew that Mills Physio understood cycling so worth the trip!

  3. Ooh, that could have been nasty. I have used a rack pack in the past (still have it somewhere, should dig it out) and it would probably be safer they attach well to the top of the rack. They are also a bit more aerodynamic than panniers as they sit in the dead space behind you.

    I ride with one pannier a lot and it does make me twist slightly when riding to compensate, I ride with two if the load is heavyish. Hope your physio goes well.

  4. i find the bike's even more unstable with a top load. how about ride in with it on the left and home on the right??!