Sunday, 29 March 2015

More canicross adventures.

Once again we were at Elland Lodge for two days of racing with Canicross Midlands. After having to carry Cybi across the last water crossing a month ago, he put the brakes on and refused to cross, my aim was to get him to cross it. We've been practising in the stream in. The village, my wading in and tempting cybi in with treats. Well it worked both Saturday and Sunday he went through, I did carry a treat and it was needed to tempt him in but once in he went across, I was so proud of him. On the Sunday we also ran a PB for the course 25:14.4 which was super speedy for me.


  1. Never heard of this before, but looks good fun. Good for direction training too. I used to run our dog on a lead whilst cycling on the trails. She was very good and knew what to do. It looks like cycling has taken a back seat !

  2. Yes it's great fun and he's getting good at directions, just not steady! He can't go off lead so it's good exercise for him. Unfortunately at the moment struggling for time for cycling, still commuting nut not much else.