Monday, 4 November 2013

Mud and more mud

With Hannah back from her holidays she requested an easy ride,  some excuse about not having been on a bike for a month. I had a nice easy 25 miles planned in the white peak. She also asked for breakfast so bacon rolls were made in her arrival before we headed out. We were lucky and the weather decided to be sunny and clear. Although it wasn't long before Hannah started mumbling something about hills. I'm guessing how much she had missed riding up them.
It wasn't long into the ride when I decided to do a superman impression apparently it was quite impressive and I landed  flat. Amazingly apart from a slightly sore elbow I was fine. So we could head off before the walkers came to check I was okay. We were headed out Chatsworth way and the trails were very muddy but lots and lots of fun. We got to the lunch stop at Rowsley before they started serving lunch but after two breakfasts I only really had room for cake anyway.
Then it was uphill Hannah was having some  chainsuck issues so she tried cleaning her chain and jockey wheels to see if it helped,  otherwise her Hill climbing gears just weren't working!
More mud and more hills with the only disappointment being that Black Harry was closed so we finished with a road descent.

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