Monday, 8 July 2013

A lovely day with friends

Hannah and Norn were over for the weekend, unfortunately I was working the Sunday so missed out wandering around the Well Dressings but on the Sunday we took the bikes out for a play. The plan was to head over to Great Longstone and get on the Monsal Trail to ride through the Monsal tunnels, something I have been meaning to do since they have be opened for cycling use. We started by climbing up Coombs Dale, an easy enough climb till I suggested to Hannah we climb up the nearly vertical slope beside us (my excuse was Three Peaks Training), I was kind enough to not make her carry the bike up.

Some more pedalling and we arrived at Great Longstone, two pubs but we wanted icecream. Following a sign to the Cricket club saying there was a ladies match on we were nearly roped into playing but also got ice-lollies, perfect. Then it was a short freewheel and onto the Monsal Trail. It was busy, expected on such a sunny day, and the tunnels felt really cold when riding through them. Reaching Miller's Dale it was time to leave the trail, ice-cream first though!

Down into Litton where we decided to eat, seeing as we hadn't had lunch and it was nearly teatime. Burgers all round!
Then a nice pootle home via Silly Dale.

About 19miles in total but lots and lots of smiles.

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