Thursday, 14 October 2010

Getting ready for Winter

Spent tonight getting the fixie ready for the winter. New tyres (okay not winter specific but I couldn't resist!) Mudguards on, have a set of the mk2 crud road racers, they look better than the mk1 but only time will tell.
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  1.'s about that time of year =/

  2. I've got some mk2 to fit as well, found the mk1's pretty good though I've already lost some bits. Hoping they will protect a bit more of my road bike so I can ride the roadie further into winter and hang off commuting on the tank for a bit, can't face getting any slower yet. Jez has claimed my mk 1's. Still a bit depressing and getting out of bed on the dark mornings is currently proving a bit of a problem!

  3. I found the mk1's good, although I snapped the front pretty quickly and the rear snapped on the stays puncturing my tyre three times before I noticed. These look even better!